Don Messec Workshop: Direct-to-Plate Gravure

Don Messec hat die Direct-to-Plate Methode mit ImageOn Film entwickelt und perfektioniert. Hier ein seltenes Seminarangebot in Europa bei den Druckspezialisten Polymetaal in den Niederlanden:


11-14 Steptember 2013

Gegistration: 400 Euro

Deposit: 150 Euro

General Studio fee: 70 euro

Taking place in the studio of Polymetaal in the city of Leiden, Netherlands – a short drive South from Amsterdam.

Direct-to-Plate is truly a break through in artists’ and photographers’ platemaking. Imagine getting great photopolymer plates without the need for a vacuum frame, a transparency, even an exposure unit. Direct-to-Plate (dtp) is a true game changer. With any one of many ink jet printers you will be able to print your image directly to the emulsion of your plate for exposure in the sun to great effect. You can make soulful gravure prints, or let dtp open a whole world of hand and development interferences that can take your work to new places; building on what you have created then allowing the process to re-interpret instead of replicate.

This printmaking approach builds on single exposure platemaking and frees your platemaking in whole new ways. No pre-screening of your plates. The screen is built into inkjet output which is printed directly on the plate then exposed. Using ImagOn, which works great with dtp, you will spend far more time making exhibition prints and less time platemaking.

With the development of single exposure for high quality plates, plate exposure is far more predictable and reliable. Even in the sun. Whether you shoot photographs, draw and paint, appropriate images, whatever your process of image building all you need to do is get your images into digital form so you can print directly to your plate.

MakingArtSafely is Don Messec’s latest effort to bring new thinking, technology and materials to artists who do not want to “die for their art.” Don’s MFA is from UIUC and he began his printmaking experience at Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop in NYC in the 1980s. Sounds so long ago. Don Messec is also the founding director of the Printmaking Center for Safe and Non-toxic Printmaking, a world leading academic studio unit in the development cultivation and education in safer and smarter printmaking for artists and art instructors.


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